13 May 2022

Tenancy Services hold more than $750m of bond money from tenants in the Tenancy Bond Trust Account.

With rapid changes in customer expectation and advance in technology, we have a responsibility to make sure our customers have access to a modern, and more efficient tenancy bond service. Work is now underway to replace the current system with a new one that is more user-friendly and fit for purpose.  

We are designing a new system that will allow landlords and tenants to get a better service experience that includes:

  • faster processing when lodging bonds or getting refunds
  • ability to check your bond status
  • self-service features to manage bonds online
  • better integration for customers using property management software
  • improved support for more complex bond situations.

We will also continue to enhance the current system and our processes until the new solution is designed, thoroughly tested and ready for use. 

We will invite for customer feedback at different phrases of the project. See our Tenancy Bond Services Transformation page for more information.

Tenancy bond services transformation

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