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Rent, bond & bills

Find the market rent in your area. Read about rent, bond and other expenses that landlords and tenants need to pay when they rent a property. 

landing rent bond bills

Confused about what needs to be paid to who at the beginning of a tenancy? A young house up to its rafters in questions about rent, bond and bills gets all the answers from his neighbour.

Find out what the weekly rent is for properties in your area.

Rent is the money paid by the tenant for the right to live in a property. 

Bond is money that a landlord can ask tenants to pay as security when they move into a property.

Letting fees are another expense tenants may need to pay if they use a letting agent.

Landlords and tenants are responsible for paying different expenses during a tenancy. These expenses can be things such as insurance costs and utilities (for example, electricity, gas, water, telephone, and internet).

Landlords are responsible for water supply, but both landlords and tenants can be responsible for paying water and wastewater charges.