The Tenancy Tribunal can formalise what is agreed at mediation, or can make a ruling on an issue that can’t be resolved and issue an order that is legally binding on the parties involved in the dispute.

If you need to apply to the Tribunal, you need to know how to apply and how much it will cost.

To resolve your dispute as quickly as possible, ensure the form is correctly filled out. Find out what supporting information may be useful to provide.

Tenancy Services works jointly with the Ministry of Justice to schedule and hold Tenancy Tribunal hearings.

Being prepared for a Tribunal hearing will give you the best chance of succeeding in your application, or defending the claims against you.

Going to a Tenancy Tribunal hearing can be a scary thought. Tribunal hearings are less formal than a normal court hearing, but you still need to know about the rules and procedures.

Decisions made during the Tenancy Tribunal process are known as orders. There are three main types of order. Each order sets out who has to do what to resolve a dispute.

If you disagree with the decision made at the Tenancy Tribunal hearing, you have two options.