The Tenancy Tribunal can help you if you have an issue with a tenant or landlord that you can’t solve yourself. The Tribunal will hear both sides of the argument and can issue an order that is legally binding.

Important COVID-19 information

Alert Levels 3

During Alert Level 3 there will be no face-to-face hearings. Where possible, hearings and mediation will take place by teleconference.  If this is not possible, the hearing or mediation will be rescheduled.

If you have a hearing or mediation scheduled during COVID-19 Alert Level 3, teams will be in contact, either by phone, email or text, to let you know what this means for you. The Tribunal will seek to determine as many hearings as possible remotely, via teleconference.

Alert Level 2

At Alert Level 2, Tenancy Tribunal hearings and mediation will be operating in-person (following the appropriate Alert Level health and safety requirements) and remotely by telephone.

If you have a face-to-face Tenancy Tribunal hearing or mediation scheduled during Alert Level 2 and there is a change we will be in contact, by phone, email or text, to let you know what this means for you.

COVID-19 information for landlords and tenants

Find out how to apply to the Tenancy Tribunal and how much it will cost.

Find out how to fill out the Tenancy Tribunal form and what supporting information you need to provide.

Tenancy Services works with the Ministry of Justice to schedule Tenancy Tribunal hearings.

Being prepared for your Tribunal hearing is important. It gives you the best chance of having a successful application, or defending the claims against you.

Attending a hearing can be daunting. Tribunal hearings are less formal than a normal court hearing, but you still need to know the rules and procedures.

Decisions made during the Tenancy Tribunal hearing are called orders.

If you disagree with a decision made at the Tenancy Tribunal hearing, you have two options.