A landlord can ask tenants to pay a bond when they move into a property.

The bond is money held by Tenancy Services that could cover:

  • unpaid rent
  • damage to the property; or
  • any claim(s) relating to the tenancy.

Tenants who have looked after the house and paid rent in full should get a refund of their bond when the tenancy ends.

If the landlord charges a bond they must lodge it with Tenancy Services within 23 working days.

You can lodge bonds with Tenancy Services using the online bond payment system.

Landlords and tenants need to complete and submit a bond refund form at the end of the tenancy.

At the end of a tenancy the tenant can transfer the bond to a new tenancy rather than getting a refund.

When the landlord, property manager or tenant of a property changes, the bond record needs to be updated within 10 working days of the change.

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