Tenancy Services works jointly with the Ministry of Justice to schedule and hold Tenancy Tribunal hearings.

If a case is going to the Tribunal (adjudicated), it usually takes around 20 working days from when an application is made to when a case is heard by the Tenancy Tribunal, timeframes can extend in the busier months of January to March. A case which is mediated usually takes around eight working days from when the application is made to mediation. However, timeframes can vary for a number of reasons.

Tenancy Tribunal hearings are held in a number of courts around the country.

The number of hearing days varies from one court to another and is determined by the number of applications expected in each location. We review these frequently and make adjustments to take into account any increases or decreases of applications in each area.

Some cases may be heard sooner than 20 working days if they are particularly urgent – eg cases where there is serious risk to people or property.

If tenants have abandoned a property, a landlord may apply for an 'expedited abandonment application', as they cannot legally take back possession until the court has transferred legal possession back to the landlord. This process may be actioned within 48 hours, but there are certain criteria that must be met.

Your case could be delayed if paperwork has not been completed properly, if tenants or landlords are unprepared for the tribunal hearing, or if the case is more complicated than originally indicated. In some circumstances, a hearing date may need to be rescheduled. MBIE case coordinators will work with you to help avoid these delays where possible.

Court sitting days per month by location

(In larger centres, there may be multiple courts holding hearings)

LocationNumber of court sitting days per month
Ashburton 1
Auckland 40
Blenheim 2 or 3
Christchurch 31
Dunedin 7
Gisborne 4
Greymouth 1 or 2
Hamilton 16
Hastings 5
Hawera 2
Huntly 1 or 2
Hutt Valley 10
Invercargill 3 or 4
Kaikohe 3
Kaitaia 2
Manukau 42
Masterton 2
Napier 5 or 6
Nelson 4
New Plymouth 4
North Shore 20
Palmerston North 9
Porirua 7
Pukekohe 2 or 3
Queenstown 1 or 2
Rotorua 8
Taumarunui 1
Taupo 3 or 4
Tauranga 11
Te Kuiti 1
Thames 2
Timaru 2
Tokoroa 3
Wairoa 1
Waitakere 20
Whanganui 4
Wellington 16
Whakatane 4
Whangarei 8
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