Read our tips on how to prevent problems with bonds during a tenancy.

At the start of a tenancy

Tenants and landlords should do a thorough property inspection together at the start of the tenancy. They should then complete and sign the property inspection report, which is part of the tenancy agreement. They should also complete and sign the bond lodgement form if the landlord is charging a bond.

If you’re a landlord you must:

  • lodge the bond within 23 working days of receiving it. Not doing this is an unlawful act and you could be required to pay a penalty.

If you’re a tenant you should:

  • contact your landlord to check the bond has been lodged (if you don't receive a letter within six weeks confirming your bond has been lodged)
  • budget for the bond being four weeks’ rent (although it might be less).

Carrying out the initial property inspection

During a tenancy

If you’re a landlord you should:

  • regularly inspect the property to make sure it’s being kept reasonably clean and tidy
  • attend to any maintenance issues promptly
  • inform Tenancy Services in writing if any of your details change
  • update the bond forms within 10 days if the landlord, property manager or tenant changes.

Changing a name on a bond record
Change of landlord

If you’re a tenant you should:

  • let the landlord know as soon as possible if anything needs repairing
  • inform Tenancy Services in writing if any of your details change
  • complete and sign a change of tenant form if the names on the bond need to change. You’ll need to make sure the landlord agrees to this and also signs the form.

Download the change of tenant form below

At the end of a tenancy

Before the tenant moves out, the tenant and landlord should inspect the property together and:

  • make sure the final property inspection report is signed by both parties
  • complete the bond forms in full, making sure the signatures match those on the bond lodgement form
  • be open to splitting the bond if there’s any unpaid rent, damage or other costs, like cleaning or gardening fees.

If you’re a landlord you should:

  • make sure the tenant has paid anything they owe you before releasing the bond.

If you’re a tenant you should:

  • make sure you agree to the amount written on the bond refund form before you sign it
  • never sign a blank bond refund form.
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