Sometimes it’s difficult to see eye to eye on a problem. This video will outline the options available for resolving a dispute.

Breaches of the Act

When a tenant or landlord breaches the Residential Tenancies Act, it’s important to understand what you can do to put it right.

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Disputes process

Landlords and tenants have options for resolving disputes – self-resolution, FastTrack Resolution, mediation or Tenancy Tribunal hearings. 


Self-resolution means sorting out problems by talking to the other person. It can lead to a less stressful and more positive working relationship in the tenancy.

FastTrack Resolution

FastTrack Resolution is a service provided by Tenancy Services to help landlords and tenants formalise an agreement that’s been reached after a dispute.


Mediation helps landlords and tenants talk about and solve their problems. 

The mediator is there to discuss the problem, and help you come up with a workable solution. They are not there to tell you what to do and won’t decide anything for you.

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Tenancy Tribunal

The Tenancy Tribunal can help you if you have an issue with a tenant or landlord that you can’t solve yourself. The Tribunal will hear both sides of the argument and can issue an order that is legally binding.

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Enforcing decisions

If you’ve been to mediation or the Tenancy Tribunal to resolve an issue, you will likely have a decision. You can enforce the decision if the other person isn’t doing what it requires them to.

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Searching Tribunal orders

Find out about the Tenancy Tribunal orders online website which features Tenancy Tribunal orders.