Before renting a property with damage from a natural disaster, you need to consider a few important things.

Check the insurance

If an insurance company thinks a house is uneconomic to repair, they won’t insure it. If you’re a tenant, ask the landlord whether the house is insured before you sign an agreement.

If it’s not insured, check with your insurance company to see if this will affect your own insurance policies (eg, contents insurance).

Find out how bad the damage is

When visiting the property for the first time, take notes and ask about any earthquake or flood damage.

If the property needs repairs, ask the landlord or property manager if these are planned. If there will be major repairs, you may need to move out for a while.

Repairs after a natural disaster

Advice and support if you live in Canterbury

If you’re in Canterbury and need advice, these organisations may be able to help:

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