The mediator will help you talk about the issue with the other person and reach an agreement.

Mediators don’t take sides, their role is to help people sort out tenancy disputes. They aren’t lawyers, judges or counsellors. Mediators are very experienced in tenancy issues and can help with questions about tenancy law.

What the mediator does

In the mediation session, the mediator will:

  • ask each of you to share your view of the situation
  • help you work out ways to solve the problem
  • give information that will help your discussion, eg, information on the law
  • make sure everyone has their say
  • make sure everyone behaves in fair and reasonable way
  • help you reach a fair agreement.

The mediator will guide you through the process, but they can’t decide anything for you. This is different from a Tenancy Tribunal hearing, where the adjudicator will make a decision about your situation.

What happens next will depend on whether or not you reached an agreement.

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