Mediation helps landlords and tenants talk about and solve their problems. 

The mediator is there to discuss the problem, and help you come up with a workable solution. They are not there to tell you what to do and won’t decide anything for you.

Mediation helps landlords and tenants talk about problems with tenancies. Mediation can help find a solution to a problem without having to go to the Tenancy Tribunal.

Tenancy Services organises mediation when you apply to the Tenancy Tribunal. We decide which type of mediation is most appropriate – usually telephone mediation or face-to-face mediation scheduled in advance. It usually takes around eight working days from when the application is made to when the mediation occurs.

It is important to prepare useful information before your mediation.

At mediation, mediators help landlords and tenants discuss problems and reach an agreement.

The ideal outcome is that you can reach an agreement through mediation, but sometimes you may not be able to.