Landlords need to provide and maintain their rental properties in a reasonable state of repair. This means making sure they’re safe and healthy to live in. 

Landlords must comply with all relevant legislation

Landlords must comply with all legislative building, health and safety requirements. This means keeping the plumbing, electrical wiring and anything to do with the structure of the house safe and working properly. This includes making sure that locks and fastenings are adequate.

Safe and healthy home has more about meeting the requirements set out by various laws and bylaws.

WorkSafe has more information on the health and safety obligations for Landlords.(external link)

Regularly checking the property and repairing any damage or wear and tear as soon as possible is important. 

Tenants and landlords are responsible for different tasks around the grounds of a property.

Some rental properties have digital television and some don’t. It’s important to understand who owns the facilities, and who’s responsible for maintenance and repair.

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