Find out how to apply to the Tenancy Tribunal and how much it will cost.

Important COVID-19 information on the Tenancy Tribunal:

The Tenancy Tribunal is currently holding all hearings by teleconference. From 25 May 2020, face-to-face hearings will recommence and additional hearings will also be conducted by teleconference. How this works in practice will be managed by the Tenancy Tribunal itself.

Landlords and tenants should talk to each other, work together and take care of each other wherever possible. Try to come to an arrangement that suits everyone.

More information about how the Tenancy Tribunal will operate during COVID-19

Questions and answers about Alert Level 2 (Ministry of Housing and Urban Development) (external link)

Questions and answers about Alert Level 3 (Ministry of Housing and Urban Development) (external link)

Visit the central government COVID-19 website (external link)

Legislation regarding termination for rent arrears has been applied as law through the COVID-19 Response (Urgent Management Measures) Amendment Act.

In its emergency response to COVID-19, the Government introduced an urgent amendment to the RTA that took effect from 26 March 2020, which raised the threshold for ordering a termination due to rent arrears from 21 to 60 days.  That means that from 26 March 2020, the Tribunal can only terminate a tenancy due to rent arrears, if the rent arrears were at least 60 days on the date the application to the Tribunal was filed.

If you have filed an application for termination for rent arrears (being in excess of 21 days) and those rent arrears are now in excess of 60 days you will need to file a variation to amend the application so that it can be considered under the emergency legislation

Please include an updated rental summary with your Variation Form.

Application for variation form - 60 day rent arrears [PDF, 129 KB]

Applying to the Tenancy Tribunal

To apply to the Tenancy Tribunal you need to complete an application form. Before you begin make sure you know:

  • how to apply
  • how much it costs
  • what you need to provide
  • what happens if things get resolved before the hearing.

You will also need to complete this application if:

How to apply online

Applying online is a four step process. You may not be able to complete the application on some mobile phones. If you can, please complete your application on a desktop or laptop computer. If you don’t have one, you can do this at your local library or internet café.

Application process:

  1. register to apply for the first time
  2. log in to the Tenancy Tribunal Application online tool
  3. fill in the application form
  4. pay the application fee online and submit the application.

Make a new application online (external link)

What you'll need

  • a RealMe® login. If you don’t already have one it only takes a few minutes to set one up.
  • a working email address
  • your bond number (if you have a bond lodged)
  • electronic copies of your tenancy agreement and other supporting documents.

Create a RealMe® login (external link)

How to pay

Pay for your online application by:

  • Visa or MasterCard
  • online banking if you’re with ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank, TSB or Westpac.

It will take about 10 minutes to apply online. You can do this all at once, but if you need more time the system will save your application for up to 30 days.

Making a Tenancy Tribunal application online – frequently asked questions
Guidelines for completing your application

Make an application on paper

We only accept applications that use the latest version of the Tenancy Tribunal application form. We will not accept any older versions of the form.

If possible, it is best to apply online. The process is quick, and you will know you’re submitting a correct and complete application the first time.

If you do need to apply using a paper form, please contact us and we can post you a form. Some Citizens Advice Bureau Offices or Community Law Centres may also have copies of the form they can post to you.

You can pay for your paper application by:

  • eftpos or cash at any Westpac bank
  • cheque (payable to Tenancy Services)

Once you’ve completed the form and paid your application fee, send it (with all supporting documents) to:

PO Box 76469
Manukau 2241

Make sure you use the above address. Any applications received to PO Box 50 546, Porirua 5240 after 6 May 2017 will be returned to sender.

How much it costs to apply

The application fee is $20.44 (including GST).

If you are the one making the application, you pay the fee. If you’re on a benefit, Work and Income may be able to help you.

If you’re successful, the Tenancy Tribunal can order the other party to pay you the application fee. You need to ask for this when making your application.

If your claim goes to mediation, part of the agreement may be that the other person pays you the application fee.

Making a cross-application

If there’s an application against you, you may also have problems you want to resolve at the same time. If this is the case, you can make your own application. This is called a cross-application.

You need to state this clearly on your application. Then we can try to schedule both applications at the same time.

What happens once you’ve made your application

Once you’ve made your application, we will either:

If we schedule a hearing, you’ll receive a notice of hearing. The notice will include details about the dispute, as well as the hearing date, time, and location.

To view, amend, respond to, or provide more information for an existing application, please log in to your account online:

Amend an existing application (external link)

If your application has already been submitted, you will be able to upload additional supporting documents or add a note to the application. You will not be able to change any existing documents or information that was previously added.

If you sort things out before the hearing

If your dispute gets resolved before the hearing, let us know immediately. Then we can use the hearing time for someone else.

If the hearing is within the next 5 days, contact the relevant district court (external link) .

If you withdraw your application, you will not get a refund of the application fee. We will only refund the fee if:

  • you made a double payment
  • you paid but then didn’t submit your application.


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