Tenants and landlords are responsible for different tasks around the grounds of a property.

Tenants responsibilities

Tenants must keep the property reasonably clean and tidy. This includes mowing the lawns and weeding the gardens (unless the landlord has agreed to do this in the tenancy agreement).

If a tenant wants to remove or prune a tree, shrub or hedge on the property, they should first get the landlord’s written consent. The tenant would then be responsible for clearing away the cuttings.

Tenants must also leave the property reasonably clean and tidy at the end of the tenancy.

Landlords responsibilities

Landlords are usually responsible for pruning and maintaining trees, shrubs and hedges, and removing the cuttings.

This is because some trees and shrubs may require special care, skill or knowledge to properly maintain them, which a tenant may not have. Other trees or shrubs may be protected species, or specimens of local or historical interest that can’t be removed.

This will avoid the risk of a tenant causing damage, particularly where those trees etc. are well established and valuable. 

The landlord is also responsible for ensuring any trees are safe. Trees, shrubs or hedges that are dangerous (damaged by a storm or growing towards electrical lines) must be fixed by the landlord.

Disputes over maintenance of the grounds

You should talk to the other person if there is an issue with the lawns, gardens, trees or anything else on the property.

You should also talk to the local council for information and guidance – especially if there is an issue with your neighbours trees or common property.

Breaches of the Act has information about what you can do if you think your grounds are not being maintained properly.

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