27 August 2019

Following Royal Assent on 30 July 2019, this Act comes into force today.

The Act was created to address issues related to:

  • liability for damage to rental premises caused by a tenant
  • methamphetamine contamination in rental premises
  • rental premises that are unlawful for residential use.

Full information about how this new law affects tenants and landlords is available here.

View the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2019 brochure. [PDF, 457 KB]

The Act also allows for:

An updated Residential Tenancy Agreement and Boarding House Tenancy Agreement is now available.

We are also currently going around the country with our Renting and You Roadshow, educating regions on the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2019 and the healthy homes standards. Registration is free and available from our website.

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