Landlords and tenants may agree to rent reductions in certain circumstances.

For a specified period or event

A landlord and a tenant may agree to a temporary reduction of the rent for a specified period or event; for example, if a room is under repair and can’t be used for a while.

Once the period has ended or the event has finished, the rent is automatically reinstated to the amount payable before the reduction.

The reinstatement is not a rent increase and does not require notice.

If the rent is too high

If a landlord is charging significantly more than for other similar properties, the Tenancy Tribunal could make an order for it to be reduced. The tenant will need to provide evidence that their rent is substantially higher than rent for other houses in the area similar to the one they’re renting.

Tenants with fixed-term tenancies can only apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for a market rent review within:

  •  3 months of the beginning of the tenancy, or
  •  3 months of the date of the last rent review.
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