Smoke alarms and insulation

If you’re not alarmed, you should be. 
Smoke alarms are now compulsory in all rental homes.
Insulate yourself against 2019. 
Rental homes must be insulated by July 2019. 
Insulation statements are compulsory now on all new tenancy agreements.

Get the details and get it right.

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Keep your home warmer

A warmer home is healthier for tenants. Insulation statements are now compulsory on all new tenancy agreements, so tenants know what to expect. Rental homes must be insulated by July 2019.


A dry and well-ventilated home is healthier for tenants. Dampness can lead to black mould. Dry homes need less maintenance in the long run.

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Keep your home safe

A safe home means peace of mind for tenants and landlords. Working smoke alarms are now compulsory – the right type in the right places. Rental homes must also be reasonably secure. 

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