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Tenants can ask (in writing) for fibre broadband to be installed at the rental property and landlords must allow it, unless:

  • installation would compromise the structural integrity, weathertightness or character of the property
  • installation would breach any regulations
  • the landlord intends to begin or takes material steps towards extensive renovations or repairs within 90 days of the tenant’s request, and installation would affect that work
  • the landlord applies to the Tenancy Tribunal and it decides that the landlord does not have to install fibre.

Landlords must respond to a fibre request from tenants within 21 days of receiving it (this also applies to requests for more information from providers).

Download request for the installation of a fibre connection template [PDF, 43 KB]

Download response to request for the installation of a fibre connection template [PDF, 42 KB]

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